Three Things You Have to Have on your Wedding Day!

Your wedding day comes up fast and the day goes by even faster. Having these three things can keep the day going smoothly so you’re able to focus on living in the moment!

1.) Safety Pins! Almost every wedding we’ve done, there has been an issue that could/had been solved with the use of a safety pin or two. Most of the time those problems include a dress! Make sure someone is on safety pin duty for the day!

2.) Comfortable shoes! This applies to both Groom and Bride believe it or not. Those dress shoes/heels can really start to hurt after about…. 1 minute. Make sure to bring some comfortable shoes for the reception. There’s nothing wrong with a bride in some flip flops and a Groom in some converse dancing the night away!

3.) Lighters! Not just for Sparklers, lighters are a common use in the Army to remove loose threads from suits without causing more damage to the suit. However, lighters are super handy when it comes to having a sparkler send off. We recommend the super long sparklers (24 inches maybe?) and plenty of lighters to go with them.

We’re not saying if you have those three things, your day is guaranteed a success but without anyone of those things, your day might just have a rough patch!