Event Videography

Price Varies According to Event



Do you want to remember your party, anniversary, or anything other event? Then we will film it and give you a professionally edited movie so you never forget!

We prefer not to be paid by the hour, rather per film. We feel this gives us the freedom to capture everything we need for the film without feeling the restraint of an hourly wage. 

Due to the wide range of events we cover the price will vary due to length of time, difficulty in editing, distance and other potential factors. Please contact us to discuss exact cost.

Are you an inspiring model or need some new, creative photos for your portfolio? We love shooting the out-of-the-ordinary shots! Sessions typically last all day!

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Model Photography

$100 Session

Portrait Photography

$65 Session


Do you want pictures with your husband, wife, kids or someone else? Set up a photography session with us and get photos to share with your friends! Pick any place you like including your house! Sessions typically last an hour

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Rachelle family portrait photography 2.jpg
Rachelle family portrait photography

Real Estate Photography / Videography

$175 Per Listing

This listing price includes videos and photos.

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Video Editing

$20 an Hour


Do you already have video recorded? We can edit it for you! Blue Hammock Studios has experience editing wedding films, party films, YouTube videos, social media videos and more.

We have the full Adobe Creative Cloud Suite including, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, and much, much more. 

We also have Final Cut Pro X. Yes, we use both! 

Not to mention Pro Tools for additional audio refinements that video editing programs simply can't provide.

Price varies due to the intensity of editing, skill required, length of time and other factors. We prefer pricing this on a job by job basis rather than hourly. 

Editing Screen Shot Adobe Premiere.png